Conference Topics

The objective of the symposium is to provide a forum for researchers to present their recent achievements in multi-scale characterization, modeling and simulation of construction materials. The conference includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

– Multi-scale microstructure characterization,
– Multi-scale microstructure visualization,
– Multi-scale microstructure representation,
– Physico-chemical, chemo-mechanical and mechanical processes,
– Analytical and numerical modeling methods,
– Homogenization approach, numerical modeling methods,
– Large scale computational simulation,
– Inverse method,
– Integrated modeling, simulation and validation,
– Interface properties
– Methodology unification


Rheobit Workshop


Rheobit workshop on Rheology and application of advanced computer techniques will be given by Dr. David Anderson and Dr. Geoff Rowe from 12-14 June 2013. Both the instructors are very knowledgable and have wide range of experience.
Dr. Anderson is the principle investigator for the Strategic Highway Research Program-project on asphalt binders physical tests.
Dr. Rowe is the president of Abatech and has been responsible for the development of a suite of software programs for rheological analysis of asphalt materials.


The purpose of the workshop is to;

– Introduce the basic principles of rheology as they apply to asphalt binders
– Introduce measurement principles and analytical concepts
– Physical Testing
– Tour of facilities
– Hands-on laboratory sessions
– Handling of binders in laboratory
– Analysis and interpretation of laboratory data
– Errors in rheological measurements
– Use of rheological data in specifications in US, Europe and rest of the world
– Rheology and relationship to performance
– Current research activities
– Future directions and needs